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Volantino Alitalia - 1/3/2020 - 31/3/2020. Pagina 70.
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GreatBeauty Carlo Verdone THE HERITAGE OF ITALIAN-STYLE COMEDY Carlo Verdone has conceived and played the roles of many unforgettable characters in Italian cinema, which have made entire generations laugh. His latest film Si vive una volta sola (You Only Live Once) has just been released, and he describes it as “the best cast of my life” He is a living emblem of Italian comedy, with a career lasting 43 years, a string of box office hits, a host of actors and actresses whose careers he has launched or renewed, as well as a series of characters who are a part of the history of Italian cinema, and who have moreover become national stereotypes. His creations such as Enzo the chav, the half-witted Mimmo, Pasquale Amitrano, Oscar Pettinari, Sergio Benvenuti, Don Alfio and Ivano are all genuine icons that have brought laughter and smiles to more than one generation and that, still today, entertain nibilità nei miei confronti bella, siamo entrati in sintonia e la cosa meravigliosa è che siamo diventati amici e continuiamo a sentirci anche dopo la fine del film. Con loro si è stabilito un rapporto di vera autentica amicizia, ci si telefona per chiedersi “come stai?” ed è una cosa meravigliosa perché non capita quasi mai». the increasingly demanding audiences of the 21st century. But Verdone has not rested on his professional laurels, and he tirelessly continues to make new films. At the end of February You Only Live Once was released in Italian cinemas, a movie in which Verdone directs himself with a trio of great actors: Anna Foglietta, Rocco Papaleo and Max Tortora. They play the four members of a surgical team, so esteemed that even the Pope trusts his life to them. Although they are successful professionals, they have many problems in their private lives. To avoid thinking about their troubles and to spice up their lives a bit, three of them play terrible practical jokes on the character played by Rocco Papaleo. But when they out that their friend and colleague has contracted a terminal illness, they decide to go on a holiday together in Puglia, while trying to find the best way to break the tragic news to him. Where did the idea for the film come from? «From my strong desire to make a choral film. I wanted to work alongside a group of actors, choosing people who I had never worked with before». What kind of a movie is You Only Live Once? «It’s a film about true friendship, in its many varied forms, and about how important it is to have friends standing by you, rather than just a doctor or some medicines, because it is essential to share your passions, your irony and your tastes with someone, in a beautiful, healthy, constructive way. The film’s strongest feature is the screenwriting and above all the acting of all four of us. I have to say that this is the best cast of my career». What made you choose Papaleo, Foglietta and Tortora? «I used to just stick the character to an actor or actress. Today this is no longer possible, as there are many commitments: there are TV series, a lot of theatre and films that are still being made, despite everything. It is all more complicated. They were happy to work willingly with me, as they knew that I always try to stimulate actors, because I want to take their performance to their highest possible level, especially the actresses. I found that they had a fantastic willingness and availability towards me. We established a harmonious relationship, and the wonderful thing is that we became friends and so we still keep in touch even now that the shooting is finished. We have established a genuine relationship of authentic friendship, and we call each other up just to each other “how are you?” which is a wonderful thing because it almost never happens». For two months, you filmed in Puglia (South Italy). Did you, and the others, Papaleo, Foglietta and Tortora, have a good time while working in that beautiful frame? «We did, indeed. It was easy to work on that film, we worked in harmony and they’re very good. The first take was always good, we filmed so quickly that we finished shooting the movie one day before the scheduled deadline and this means that the film is going to be good. We saw amazing places, I had never filmed in Puglia before and I think that the locals will be happy when they see this film.» The characters and stories of your films are well known in Italy so much so that quotes from your movies are commonly used in the Italian lexicon. What is your attitude towards the artistic heritage? «Well with some distance, I realize that in people’s lexicon and behavior I was able to seize particular moments, weaknesses, tics which were typical of the 1980s, a certain megalomania, the mythomania. Today things are different, but I succeeded in pinpointing and anticipating, in my Gallo Cedrone (movie released in 1998), for instance, that folly, that lack of preparation, that sort of bipolarity that today we happen to see also on our political scene, although I must admit that a few figures have gone far beyond my characters.» ● Avete girato per quasi due mesi in Puglia. Quanto vi siete divertiti lei, Papaleo, Foglietta e Tortora nel meraviglioso mare pugliese? «Molto, è un film che non ho sentito, eravamo talmente in sintonia e bravi, il primo ciak sempre buono, siamo andati talmente spediti, che abbiamo finito le riprese un giorno prima, sintomo che il film stava venendo bene. Abbiamo visto dei posti magnifici, io non avevo mai filmato la Puglia e devo dire che penso che i pugliesi saranno molto contenti quando vedranno il film». Personaggi, storie e citazioni dei suoi film sono conosciuti da tutti in Italia. Battute come “In che senso”, “C’era un cargo battente bandiera liberiana”, “Come so’ ste olive?”,“Famolo strano” sono entrate nel lessico familiare. Che rapporto ha con il suo retaggio artistico? «Con un certo distacco, mi rendo conto che ho saputo cogliere dei momenti, delle fragilità, dei tic, nel gergo e nel comportamento, tipici del periodo, degli anni Ottanta, una certa megalomania, la mitomania. Oggi è tutto cambiato, ma sono riuscito a individuare e anticipare, come in Gallo Cedrone, tanta follia, tanta impreparazione, la bipolarità, che poi avremmo conosciuto anche sul piano politico, ma devo dire che ci sono dei personaggi che mi hanno ampiamente superato». ● 70 _ ULISSE _ marzo 2020 IL CAST Anna Foglietta, Rocco Papaleo e Max Tortora sono alla prima esperienza in un film di Carlo Verdone, in alto. Anna Foglietta, Rocco Papaleo and Max Tortora star for the first time in a Verdone movie, on top. ULISSE _ marzo 2020 _ 71

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