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Volantino Alitalia - 1/3/2020 - 31/3/2020. Pagina 57.
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GreatBeauty How did you cope with playing character dealing with such traumatic situations? Charlize: «We created a safe environment in order to explore all of Megyn’s controversies and not shy away from them. Jay really helped me to understand her more, in order to play her empathetically. That was very complicated for me. I was trying to put my arms around this person, but she made it really hard to do so». Nicole, what struck you about the story when you first read the script? Nicole: «I felt the story represented an important moment that in a sense transcends what this film is about. It is a moment in history that was the catalyst for enormous change. The storytelling is so strong and it is told from the female point of view which is very powerful. It’s entertaining but still so strong. That was really appealing». LOTTATORI Charlize Theron e John Lithgow rivali in una scena del film diretto da Jay Roach. Chalizie Theron and John Lithgow in a scene from the movie directed by Jay Roach. THREE WOMEN FOR A SCANDAL Charlize Theron, Nicole Kidman and Margot Robbie star in Bombshell, the true story of the Fox News sexual harassment scandal which, before Weinstein’s case, in a way opened the #metoo season When the #metoo movement did not exist, sexual harassment scandals had not yet exploded and before the Weinstein case, the world of American media was shocked by the story of Roger Ailes, a powerful man in the American political media, CEO of Fox News and media adviser of Nixon, Regan and Trump, too. Some journalists from Fox News accused Ailes of sexual harassment. The scandal caused a big splash in the media so much so that it has been recently proposed in a TV miniseries, The Loudest Voice. While the miniseries focuses on the relationship between all-news channels, politics and the American moral myopia, Bombshell instead revolves around 56 _ ULISSE _ marzo 2020 the victims. The film boasts an amazing cast: Oscar winning actors Nicole Kidman and Charlize Theron play respectively Gretchen Carlson and Megyn Kelly, two of the journalists who started the allegations that swept Ailes evil power away. Oscar-nominee Margot Robbie (who got her second nomination for Bombshell alongside Theron) is Katya Pospisil, a fictional composite of all the professional women who were subject to sexual harassment at Fox News. Three great actors perform in a movie set to ruffle feathers in Europe, too – as it did when it was released in the US. Bombshell is scheduled to be released in Italy on March 26 (preview at the Bif&st in Bari – March 21-28). Randolph’ script was proposed to your production company, Charlize, why did you want to portray Megyn Kelly? Charlize: «It wasn’t a very easy decision for me. Jay really gets all the credit for giving me that final push. It wasn’t until I shared the script with him, as a friend, that our conversations made me realize that he’s right, I should do the film. It became incredibly clear, and I’m just so glad that we were in each other’s lives at that moment, because I don’t know what would have happened if we weren’t and where we would have ended up». Margot, an outstanding John Lithgow plays Roger Ailes. What was it like to shoot such harrowing scenes with him when his character was so abhorrent? Margot: «John is the kindest person you can ever imagine, and he was my partner in that moment. We were equally disturbed by what we were portraying, and it is obviously a very uncomfortable scene. But, Charles and Jay made the choice to say to the audience, “No, you’re going to sit in this room, and you’re going to have this uncomfortable experience with her, and it’s going to go on for minutes and even after it’s happened, we’re still going to stay here for another three minutes”. I love the choices we made. I think most people portraying that sort of experience would let the audience off the hook a little bit. You know, the door would close and the audience would think, “Okay, I know what happened, but get me away. Let’s go into the next scene». Nicole: «John Lithgow manages to pull you into his character with such aplomb. You really go “wow” – he’s such an extraordinary addition to the cast on top of all the women». The storyline in Bombshell seems universal, how do you feel it will resonate with international audiences? Margot: «I obviously grew up in Australia. I didn’t grow up watching Fox News. I like to keep up to date with politics and I like to be aware to the extent that I feel obligated to be aware, but it’s not something I’m passionate about. I feel people in other countries who might not be privy to the background of this story or the characters are going to be thoroughly entertained and captivated and then afterwards maybe be compelled to look into it a little further and educate themselves in the same way I did». Charlize: «This movie was made by a lot of foreigners. The three leading actresses in it are all from the southern hemisphere. I think that says a lot. We also had a big international crew. Abuse of power is not a bipartisan, political issue. It is a human rights issue. In the United States Title Seven of the Civil Rights Act is a law that makes it illegal to have a workplace anywhere and under any political banner where you are discriminated against. We want equal rights for women worldwide. We want women to have a safe working environment worldwide. We want them to have equal pay worldwide». Nicole: «It doesn’t matter what politics you are, it’s a ● brilliant empathetic story». ULISSE _ marzo 2020 _ 57

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