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Volantino Alitalia - 1/2/2020 - 29/2/2020. Pagina 58.
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What brought you into the world of art? «This is a good question. I would say it was a tour in a museum when I was 6. My family moved from New York in Williamstown, a small town in Massachusetts. In Williamstown there was only one good museum. My mother used to take me there quite often, together with my sisters: I’m not sure what she thought I could understand, it was extremely boring for me. One day, during a visit, I stepped away from the group and started wandering around looking for the exit. All of a sudden I noticed a work by William Adolphe Bouguereau (painter from late 19th century ed.). It was a huge painting, a “cinematic” painting I’d say. I sat down on the floor and stayed, mesmerized, still. I never thought about this event ever again. 30 years later, it came back to mind: what triggered my passion for art? Well I studied art at college, but in the back of my mind there was always that memory. Art can really transform you, bring you somewhere else, change your points of view…». A MODERN MAN «Per me pensare “modern” vuole dire soprattutto essere consci delle varie eguaglianze e differenze con cui, e grazie a cui, esistiamo in questo mondo. I musei oggi possono essere degli spazi, metaforici o fisici, in cui persone con differenti background, religioni, valori e visioni possono condividere reazioni ed esperienze. Essere moderni è comprendere che queste differenze concorrono a farci vivere in un mondo eccitante, entusiasmante. Non in un mondo frammentato». NUOVE FORME D‘ARTE We hold where study di Wu Tsang. Wu Tsang. We hold where study. 2017. Two-channel video (color, sound; 18:56 min.). The Modern Women’s Fund. Quali sono gli artisti turchi che possono rappresentare questo momento storico? «Ci sono tanti nomi turchi molto interessanti, come il regista e artista Kutlug˘ Ataman, ad esempio, che usano l’arte per toccare temi sociopolitici. Lo fanno con acuta sottigliezza, non sono “politici” in modo smaccato, e sono consci di come questa nazione si raffronti con un mix di input unici. La Turchia si trova in una posizione incredibile per diventare un centro globale. Tra le donne penso a Nur Kocak. Nata a Istanbul, dagli anni ’70 ha concentrato il suo lavoro su tematiche che si riferiscono al gender, all’identità, al rapporto tra mercato e corpo della donna. Anche qui: un modo di fare arte femminista molto raffinato e sottile». Quali sono i musei che suggerirebbe? Quelli meno noti, meno scontati? «Il Museo Calouste Gulbenkian, a Lisbona, uno dei più bei musei del mondo, con una collezione eclettica che va dai grandi maestri della pittura europea, all’arte antica greca, alle arti applicate e molto altro. Poi direi il Louisiana Museum of Modern Art a Copenaghen: un luogo pieno di pace, raffinato. E infine, anche se non è proprio un museo, l’Odawara Art Foundation. Si trova poco fuori Tokyo, ed è stata creata dall’artista contemporaneo Hiroshi Sugimoto. Per me è l’assoluto sinonimo di perfezione». Un pittore italiano che ama in particolar modo? «Non vorrei essere scontato e dire Michelangelo o Leonardo… dirò quindi Andrea Mantegna: amo il suo modo di dipingere la carne come se fosse scultura, quella nitidezza, quella perfezione. E che dire di Piero della Francesca? La sua gentilezza pittorica è magnifica. Ma potrei continuare per ore…». ● 58 _ ULISSE _ febbraio 2020 In late December Istanbul hosted the twentieth edition of MARKA, the international conference and meeting platform created to spur Turkish business. This important anniversary has been dedicated to Istanbul, the border city, the melting pot of history, religions and culture and in short, the most important “brand” in Turkey. Among the renowned speakers that took part in the event to share their philosophy with the audience was the legendary director of MoMA in New York, Glenn Lowry who gave an exclusive interview to Ulisse. Opinion leader, manager and ahead of his time, Lowry is the only director that has been allowed to stay in his post after the normal retirement age of 65. This exceptional man recounts the meaning of “Thinking modern”, how he discovered painting and what Turkish art is able to teach us… VISIONI D‘ARTE Untitled di Shigeru Onishi. Shigeru Onishi. Untitled. c. 1955. Gelatin silver print. The Museum of Modern Art, New York. PAULA MODERSOHN-BECKER Self-Portrait with Two Flowers in her Raised Left Hand, anno 1907. Paula Modersohn-Becker. Self-Portrait with Two Flowers in her Raised Left Hand. 1907. Oil on canvas. “Thinking Modern” was the theme of your speech at the 20th edition of Marka. Why did you pick this concept and how would you explain it to a Turkish teenager? «Thinking “modern” means mostly © 2004 ESTATE OF PABLO PICASSO / ARTISTS RIGHTS SOCIETY (ARS), NEW YORK © 2019 WU TSANG The MoMA director explains the meaning of “Thinking modern” and the role played by museums in our current society IMPRESSIONISMO Ninfee di Claude Monet in esposizione al Museum of Modern Art di New York. Installation view of Claude Monet’s Water Lilies at The Museum of Modern Art. KURT HEUMILLER © 2019 THE MUSEUM OF MODERN ART Glenn Lowry GreatBeauty being aware of the various similarities and differences with which, and thanks to which, we exist in this world. Today museums can be metaphoric or physical spaces where people with different backgrounds, religions, values and ideas can share reactions and experiences. Being modern means understanding that these differences contribute to making us live in an exciting and stimulating world, and not in a fragmented world». Who are the Turkish artists able to represent this historic moment? «There are many very interesting Turkish figures - such as director and artist Kutluğ Ataman, for instance - who use art to deal with social-political issues. They face these themes with sharp finesse, they are not blatantly “politicians” and they are aware of how this nation is dealing with a mixture of unique inputs. Turkey is in an amazing geographical position to become a global cultural center. Among female artists, I think Nur Kocak is able to represent this historic moment. She was born in Istanbul and since the 1970s her work has been focused on themes related to gender, identity and to the relationship between market and woman’s body. Once again, a very sophisticated and subtle way to create feminist art». What museums would you suggest to our readers? I mean the little-known and less obvious museums. «The Museo Calouste Gulbenkian, in Lisbon, is one of the most beautiful museums in the world boasting an eclectic collection including the great maestros of European painting, Greek ancient art, Applied Arts and much more. I would then suggest the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art in Copenhagen, a sophisticated museum and a haven of peace. Last but not least, even though it’s not actually a museum, the Odawara Art Foundation. Located just outside Tokyo, it was founded by contemporary artist Hiroshi Sugimoto. I think it’s the exact synonymous with perfection». Who’s your favorite Italian painter? «I don’t want to be obvious and answer Michelangelo or Leonardo… I’d say Andrea Mantegna: I love the way he paints flesh as if it were a sculpture, I love his accuracy, his perfection. And what about Piero della Francesca? His delicate touch is magnificent. The list is ● long and I could go on forever…». PABLO PICASSO Les Demoiselles d’Avignon, firmato dall‘artista spagnolo, al MoMA grazie alla donazione di Lillie P. Bliss. Pablo Picasso. Les Demoiselles d’Avignon. 1907. Oil on canvas. The Museum of Modern Art, New York. Acquired through the Lillie P. Bliss Bequest. ULISSE _ febbraio 2020 _ 59

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