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Volantino Alitalia - 1/2/2020 - 29/2/2020. Pagina 51.
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Scorri il volantino Alitalia valido dal giorno 1/2/2020 al giorno 29/2/2020 per vedere le ultime offerte. In 165 pagine del catalogo più recente trovi i prodotti migliori della categoria Altri. Se vuoi risparmiare sulla tua prossima spesa da Alitalia, non dimenticare di sfogliare tutto il catalogo da pagina 1 a pagina 165. Se vuoi fare la spesa in modo intelligente e risparmiare sui tuoi prossimi acquist, non perdere l'ultimo catalogo ricco di prezzi eccezionali e fantastici sconti. Visita Tutti Sconti ogni giorno per on perdere le promozioni offerte dai tuoi rivenditori preferiti.

FONDAZIONE LUCIO FONTANA BY SIAE 2019 COURTESY PIRELLI HANGARBICOCCA, MILAN PHOTO: AGOSTINO OSIO FONDAZIONE LUCIO FONTANA BY SIAE 2019 COURTESY FONDAZIONE LUCIO FONTANA, MILANO GreatBeauty recognition of Fontana’s visionary creativity. A common thread of the different strategies adopted by art galleries is the acquisition of archives: American Marianne Boesky, for instance, has focused also on Maria Lai, the Sardinian artist who expressed herself through weaving and yarns. American Pace focused on Acconci Studio, Sol LeWitt, Nevelson, Picasso Rothko etc. Included in the Hauser&Wirth’s assets are also the works by sculptor Massimo Melotti, by Piero Manzoni, Fabio Mauri, Eduardo Chillida, Hans Arp, John Chamberlain. In this way the heirs aim at enhancing their artists making their works more visible much to the benefit of their monetary value. In addition to promoting the genuine artistic research, Hauser&Wirth is a publisher, too: the art books are a further added value, as well as the educational activities for children who love art and for their families, the scholarships and the funds allocated for the archives. The activities promoted by Hauser&Wirth not only take place in the capital cities housing its branches (including Zurich, London and New York where the enlargement of the gallery spaces – a fivestorey building – will be inaugurated in Chelsea in spring), the English countryside of Somerset House and the island of Minorca are also the perfect locations to give the audience the opportunity to experience art in a different way. The experimental art – that has been mainly 50 _ ULISSE _ febbraio 2020 proposed in the institutional spaces obtaining a resounding success – is now approaching the private market. The forerunner was the Pace Gallery (which has recently opened a huge eight-storey branch in New York) which, presenting the famous Japanese group teamLab, operating in the digital sector, drew, in 2016, 175 thousand visitors at the Menlo Park, in the San Francisco Bay Area (average cost of the ticket, $16). Pace applied the same fees also for the following exhibitions by the group in London and Beijing. The admission with fee had never been adopted before by an art gallery and it might represent an interesting business for the future. The important art galleries are ever more resembling museum spaces (with imposing buildings designed by renowned architects. Zwirner’s location, for instance, was designed by Piano) and are also proposing a lifestyle model which includes bookshops, cafes and restaurants. The new Pace building in New York (the art gallery – which boasts 10 branches worldwide - this year will celebrate its 60th anniversary) features large areas dedicated to music, cinema, dance and performance events and a library housing 10 thousands books. Included in the cult artists represented by the art gallery is James Turrell, the guru who turns light into abstract forms. Some of Turrell’s works are to be showcased in London from February 11 to March 27. ● AMBIENTI SPAZIALI DI LUCIO FONTANA Da Hauser&Wirth a Los Angeles, la grande mostra sugli ambienti spaziali di Lucio Fontana: opere luminose, come questa a luce rossa del 1967. Nella foto a fianco, l’artista mentre prepara un ambiente spaziale per la mostra Lucio Fontana. Concetti Spaziali allo Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam nel 1967. Hauser & Wirth in Los Angeles presents the great exhibition on spatial environments by Lucio Fontana: luminous works, such as this one in red light from 1967. Next, the artist setting a spatial environment for the exhibition Lucio Fontana. Spatial concepts held at the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam in 1967.

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